We now have a PayPal account

Hi Folks,

We setup a PayPal account, which you can find a shortcut to on our website. We had a meeting yesterday and decided that we would take donations, as we either need to pay for some sort of security measures and/or start to think about rent. The money would also be going towards replacing the stolen items and, like your previous donations, would go towards purchasing disposable items such as cables and housing.


We have decided to hold off on accepting donations of bikes, tools and parts, as the shop is completely empty right now and may remain that way for the remainder of the winter. We are having another planning meeting next week to determine our path forward, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.


Thank you so much for your generous offers of all kinds that we’ve been getting. We appreciate you so much!

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About thecommunityspoke

The Community Spoke! is a bike co-op located in Boston, MA. We run a free, fully equipped community bike shop and hold periodic outdoor bike repair clinics. We've got plenty of free bikes and spare parts at our shop and would love to show you how to work on your bike! Our shop is open to the public every Tuesday from 7-9PM and by appointment. We're located at 10 Boylston Place in Jamaica Plain. Our outdoor clinics are located in Central Square (Cambridge) and happen the first Sunday of every month from 3-6PM.

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