Family Vacations

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It’s been so long!

Hi Folks! I apologize that it has been so long since we’ve given you an update. A lot has happened since our last post! Unfortunately we had to leave our home of 3 years at 10 Boylston Place because the lot is being turned into condos. We planned on moving into a warehouse space in Allston in May, but that fell through as well. SO we are back at square one and are looking for a space! If you know of anyone who has a spare garage or other space that they would be willing to let us use for no or very low cost, please email us at or get in touch with us via our facebook page. In the meantime, we hope you’re having a great summer and look forward to being able to host you in our new space!

We now have a PayPal account

Hi Folks,

We setup a PayPal account, which you can find a shortcut to on our website. We had a meeting yesterday and decided that we would take donations, as we either need to pay for some sort of security measures and/or start to think about rent. The money would also be going towards replacing the stolen items and, like your previous donations, would go towards purchasing disposable items such as cables and housing.


We have decided to hold off on accepting donations of bikes, tools and parts, as the shop is completely empty right now and may remain that way for the remainder of the winter. We are having another planning meeting next week to determine our path forward, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.


Thank you so much for your generous offers of all kinds that we’ve been getting. We appreciate you so much!

The Community Spoke is closed for the season due to theft

Hey everyone,Thanks so much for a great season. This has been our best season yet and we’re all happy and proud to have been able to do what we’ve done. However, due to a break-in and burglary at our shop, The Spoke will be closed indefinitely.

Tools, parts, and bikes were stolen. Please keep an eye out for a brown/copper colored ANT cycle truck (picture below) with a 20″ front wheel and a very large front basket and an older steel metallic turquoise Miyata mountain bike with an Xtracycle conversion kit. These are very recognizable bikes, and we use them to transport our tools and mobile workshop supplies to do free bike repair away from the shop. If you have heard anything about our tools or bikes, please email us at or call Alex at (910) 547-4843 or Dora at (516) 658-4224.

It’s very sad to have to close under these circumstances, but we will make every effort to reopen next season. Thanks again, y’all have been great.

Here is a picture of the ANT bike frame. We have every confidence that it will be seen around, as the other bikes that have been stolen from us in the past have been seen around JP.
Edit: One thing that we would like to make clear is that we are not involving the police in this matter. Please do not contact the police. If you are questioned about this, please do not provide any information. This is for the benefit of the community, and for the house.